About the test pilot

To create a brand new product requires astonishing work. From the initial idea to the final launch, lots of time, money and discomfort are invested. The same is true for anyone interested to introduce an existing product to a new market.

Regardless of whether you are launching a new product or are importing and adapting an existing product to the Swedish market, you are facing a long and expensive process. There are many insecurities and questions:

  • What if all your investments – in both time and money – are in vain?
  • What if store chains do not dare to list your product, because they lack faith in it?
  • What if your products are listed but simply do not sell?

We know the answer to those what-ifs: you loose both your time and money and risk your reputation to be harmed.

That’s why we have launched a service who provides you with business insights, before it is too late. Simply put, we test your product under live conditions – in hundreds of participating stores. This conclusively answers your and the business community’s question: is the product marketable?

According to an article of the Swedish journal Dagens Handel, ( oct 27th, 2014 ), based on a Nielsen report, 76% of all launched products are taken off the market within twelve months, http://www.dagenshandel.se/nyheter/de-flesta-nya-produkter-floppar/

We assist you in order to avoid becoming part of that expensive statistics. Just contact us for a non-binding discussion, and we will happily share how the process works.

Butikstest – Our facts, your security.